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Intuitive software to let you design your dream spirit.
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Our on-site equipment makes your recipe a reality.
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Rapid Aging,
Built for Craftsmen

What's unique about our process? The fact that it's intuitive for any distiller to control without any specialized training, making it the perfect tool to help bring your ideas into the world. Aeva utilizes a dynamic multi-stage process that enables distillers to precisely manipulate organoleptic (sensory) qualities imparted during maturation. Our system can be used to emulate traditional aging techniques or to push the boundaries of what's possible.

patent-pending Technology

Aeva leverages several technologies, each proven to impact a specific portion of the maturation process. At its core, our system is comprised of 5 electromechanical systems. By precisely controlling these systems we perform the following primary tasks involved in aging:


Oxygen slowly enters the barrel through the oak. These oxygen molecules interact with oak extractives and compounds present in the distillate to form intermediates such as acids or -aldehydes.


Wood is the primary source of lactones, sugars, tannins, acids, and other compounds derived from the hydrolysing of the three major wood polymers: lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose.


The charred walls of the barrel provides an opportunity for spirits to experience a form of carbon filtering. This as well as volatiles evaporating at different rates plays a role in the removal of unwanted flavors from the barrel.


Acids and other intermediates created from oxidation reactions form esters over long periods of time. These esters undergo transesterification and elongate. These long-chain esters contain the sought after smells such as wine-like, fruity, or flowery.

An Ode to Mother Nature

Our process uses the same components involved in traditional aging: wood, air, and liquor

We don't use any chemicals or unnatural additives in our systems

How Does It Compare?

We could write about blind taste tests or make wild claims like "our liquor tastes 20 years old in a matter of days" but we'd prefer you just try it for yourself.

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aeva capabilities

Aeva systems are extremely versatile. System capabilities are far more than just producing aged spirits from white dog.
Unaged to Aged

Bring white liquor to a mature state in 5 to 7 days

Filtering or smoothing

Remove unwanted flavors, improve mouthfeel, and decrease harshness

Increase quality

Add additional flavor, smoothness, and complexity to already aged spirits

wood finishing

Replicate specialty wood finishing such as "port finishing"

unique products

Go wild - use any combination of spices, botanicals, and more

Experience a Tool That Transforms Your Products and Your Business

Traditional aging means investing capital in a product without ever seeing the end result. Aeva stops the guesswork. Our platform takes the financial risk out of aged products, helps you take the right products to market, and enables you to scale your successes.

Rapid Product

  • Test Products Quickly
  • Respond to Consumer Feedback
  • Reduce Risk in Launching Unique Products
  • Create Innovative Products

Aeva Makes Anyone a Maturation Expert

Our intuitive software makes it easy to control flavor profiles in ways you understand. Give it a try below. Below is an example of the user interface that is present on Aeva systems. The buttons at the top are "example recipes" that one might design. On the full user interface, any combination of slider positions can be utilized to create a totally unique flavor to you.

Focus on Production, not Equipment

easy to use

Just six steps to make great liquor

Add wood
Fill system
design recipe
press run
wait 2-7 days
drain & enjoy
autonomous operation

Once started, the equipment operates on its own: controlling pumps, actuators, valves to ensure your liquor is processed exactly how you like it.

These operations are all monitored and can be viewed on the Aeva cloud.

automatic cleaning

We get it. Cleaning equipment feels like a waste of time. All Aeva equipment comes with a CIP system. Select between options such as rinse, sanitize, and full clean.

The system will prompt you for any needed chemicals and will put in the elbow grease, so you don't have to.

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