Aeva Fits Seamlessly In Any Distillery

Easy to install. Easy to use.

how it works

A New Approach To Spirits Production

Aeva is the only on-premise, customizable, and highly scalable spirits finishing platform

How It Works

Step 1: Choose Inputs

Greatness starts with simple beginnings.


Any Type: Aged or Unaged


Wood, Fruit, Spices

Explore new possibilities

Step 2:  Fill Aeva

Aeva is incredibly easy to fill. Wood, spices, and fruits go in the tri-clamp port on the front. Liquor pumps in from the bottom. That's it! 

Step 3:  Configure a Recipe

Using the screen, create a recipe using terms and qualities you understand. Our software does the rest and will execute your commands autonomously.

Step 4:  Wait 5-7 Days

Once you press go, our system will take care of the rest. In 5-7 days, liquor will be ready for bottling.

That's All! Finished Liquor Ready In Days.

See It For Yourself

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