All the advantages.

None of the commitment.

Our contract services allow your distillery to leverage the latest in rapid aging technology without any commitments. With minimum order quantities as low as a drum (55 gallons), we're ready to help with just about any project.

what is contract aging?

Contract aging allows any sized distillery to benefit from cutting edge rapid aging technology without having to lease equipment! At one of our contract aging facilities, we have Aeva equipment on standby to age, finish, or flavor your spirit with a custom-designed recipe to fit your flavor profile. All you have to do is produce great distillate, ship it to us, and tell us exactly what you'd like to create!

Our R&D  staff will work with you to design and iterate on a custom aging profile using the Aeva process. You will receive samples to taste, provide feedback, and they'll take care of the rest. After you're satisfied with your custom recipe, we'll start producing it at production-levels.

how it works

You bring the vision, we make it happen. Our team works closely to understand your product and goals, helping take your spirits from concept to reality. We'll help you through everything from developing a recipe to production at our aging facilities.

Recipe Development

Every project begins with a recipe development phase. Our team works closely to understand your vision and works to bring it to life. Recipe development happens at small-scale, typically requiring only 3-5 gallons. Once a recipe is set, we can scale to production at any volume.

Contract production

Once recipe development is complete, we process your spirits at one of our partner facilities. While we typically work in totes, our minimum order quantity is 1 drum (55 gallons) and turnaround times are typically 3-6 weeks.

Scale Up

All Aeva recipes can be produced at any volume. If you decide to transition to our in-house equipment, the shift is seamless with no additional calibration or development required.