Age liquor in days, not years

Accelerate your distillery's growth today

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Aeva drives your competitive advantage

With Aeva, produce over 100x faster than barrels.

Unrivaled Time To Market

Take any product from idea to distribution-ready in under a month.

Scale On-Demand And Cost-Effectively

Multiply production capacity with the same overhead.

Differentiate Your Products

Access over 4 million flavor combinations with Aeva. Use any type of wood, botanical, or spice.

The barrel, built for the future

Three Simple Steps:
1) Choose your recipe
2) Fill with liquor + wood
3) Aged liquor is ready in 5-7 days

All natural, like nature intended

Our patent-pending technology naturally ages, flavors, and finishes spirits without additives.

Whether you're looking to

Age unaged spirits

Port finish your bourbon

Create a new spiced liquour

Increase your production

Create seasonal products

Make a unique aged gin

Contract distill for others

Open a new distillery

Invent a product category

Disrupt new markets

Push Boundaries

Aeva has a use case for every distillery

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